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About Us was founded to be a place for finding the best companies and services in the Blockchain space.
To be your starting point when looking for companies and services with blockchainrelated technology offer.

Since 2013 we were thrilled by the technological revolution the Blockchain brought to the world, and from our curiosity and learning around that tech we decided that there is a real need for a place where the best companies operating in that space would be displayed in an Index style.

We understand how difficult it is to locate a company or service that operates in a particular field that interests you in the blockchain space. And realized that people who are new to the field or who simply do not follow the day-by-day activities in the field Have a hard time deciding which company they want to deepen their check before deciding to use it.

In addition, it is very difficult to know if someone recommends a service or company because of hidden interests.

So we organize and display the best players in the blockchain space and allow users to influence and vote by clicking on the thumb up next to the business name.